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The Honors College welcomes applicants from all backgrounds, and we value and care for the experiences, perspectives, and identities that every student brings to our program.

Together, we work towards excellence of mind, character, and community. We believe these traits maximize your potential for achieving your goals and contributing to the welfare of both others and the planet.

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Honors students study many different majors, come from different parts of the world, and join the college at different stages in both their lives and their undergraduate careers. For more information on the application process, choose the category that best applies to your situation.

High School Students

Are you graduating high school this year? Choose this option if you will be attending Boise State straight out of high school, even if you are taking concurrent credits with a university.

Admission process for high school students

Transfer or Current Boise State Students

Have you attended Boise State or another college for at least one full semester after finishing high school? Choose this option.

Admission process for current and transfer students

International Students

Are you applying to Boise State from outside the United States? Choose this option if you have attended a foreign high school and are a citizen of a different country.

Admission process for international students