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Fellowships Advising

The Fellowships Advising Office supports exceptional Boise State students and recent alumni in applying for competitive, merit-based (inter)national fellowships. Fellowship advisors provide information on available programs, advise students through their individual application processes, and serve as campus representatives for all awards that require university endorsement, such as Fulbright, Truman, Marshall, and Rhodes scholarships.

What is a Fellowship?

While the term “fellowship” can mean different things to different programs, generally fellowships are short-term opportunities that focus on professional development and are sponsored by national and international foundations seeking to expand leadership in their fields. Fellowships support a range of activities including:

  • graduate study in a specific field
  • research to advance work on a particular issue
  • development of a new community-based organization or initiative
  • language study or teaching English abroad

These are not Boise State awards and are not considered financial aid. Many of the awards require candidates to be nominated or endorsed by their undergraduate institutions, and all require a rigorous application process.

Although housed within the Honors College, we serve the entire Boise State community.  Our goal is to develop a campus culture that encourages motivated students to pursue these enriching educational opportunities. We encourage you to explore our list of (inter)national fellowships to learn more!

Past Fellowship Recipients

In 2020, Boise State broke the state record for number of Truman Scholars in one year. Over the past three years, 32 students have applied for Fulbright Scholarships, with 20 reaching the semi-finalist stage, and 12 receiving a Fulbright fellowship. At least five have been awarded in 2020 so far, setting a new annual record.

Continue to the following page to view pictures and read stories from some of our past National Fellowship winners.

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