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House Structure

When students join the Honors College, they are sorted randomly into one of the six houses. During the Honors College’s Welcome Program, students take part in a sorting ceremony and receive a wax-sealed letter that reveals their house membership. Sorting is permanent; house membership will not change from year to year.

Each house is led by a Head of House (Honors College staff member) and a student house council. House councils plan and lead service and social events for their house and the overall Honors community. While senior council positions are typically held by sophomores, juniors, and seniors, first-year students are able to join as ambassadors and later apply and interview for senior positions within the team. 

Heads of House act as mentors and resources for Honors students, meeting with every member of their house at least once a year. These meetings allow students to ask questions about Honors, discuss long-term goals and planning, talk through any personal issues they are having, or simply catch up.

Meet the Houses

The Honors College houses are named after birds of prey that can be found in Idaho: Peregrine, Harrier, Kestrel, Osprey, Merlin, and Gyrfalcon. Like our namesakes, each house shares qualities with other houses while having unique strengths all their own. Click on a house to learn more!


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