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Moving In

Move-in day for the fall semester is approaching. Make sure you are ready for the big day. Check out the links below for further information as you prepare for the big move.


What to Bring and What to Leave Home

Provided Furnishings and More...

Early or Late Arrival Move-In

How to Request Early Arrival

Spring Semester Move-In

Spring Semester Move-In

Resident Support Services

Meals, Parking, and More...

Room Condition Report (RCR)

How To Submit your RCR

Additional Services

MicroFridge Rental, Care Packages, and More...


Bed sizes, Laundry, and More...

Mailing Address & Front Desk Contacts

Know your Address

Moving Out?

Moving Out

Find out more about moving out

Extended Stay

Need to stay past your contract date? We got you...