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Before You Begin

  1. Ensure approval from department leadership before beginning the hiring process.
  2. Confirm with the Budget Office that there are allocated funds to support the vacant position.
  3. Confirm internally within your Department there is an existing Position Control Number (PCN).
  • If the position does not have a PCN,  is new or the duties of a vacated position have significantly changed, the position must be reviewed by HR for proper classification.
  • Complete the Job Standard Template and submit your request via the Comp and Class Form (Found Below).

Look below for special instructions on special hiring groups, resources and hear from our campus partners about what they enjoy about hiring at Boise State with the Talent Acquisition Team!

We Are Here For You

Resources to Get You Started

The Talent Acquisition Team has your back when it comes to attracting and recruiting top talent. Here are some resources to get you started.

Special Instructions

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