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On-Campus Student Employment – Information for Supervisors

This page is intended to serve supervisors, as a central location for resources and development opportunities for their student staff.

What You Need to Know

Getting Started

Students are the main focus of Boise State’s on-campus student employment program. This program is intended to provide students with:

  • A central location in which to look for on-campus student employment opportunities.
  • On-campus employment opportunities that are accessible by all students and pay fairly and equitably regardless of department.
  • A connection to campus with engaged supervisors interested in helping students prepare for their futures.
  • An opportunity to gain professional skills and experiences that are relevant to future goals.

Please begin by reviewing the Student Employment Guidelines for Supervisors to get a general overview of the student employment process.

Then, use the resources below for assistance with recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and managing your student employee.

1. Recruiting Your Student Employees

  • Posting Your Job: All on-campus student jobs must be posted on Handshake. Register or sign in to your Handshake employer account to post your job.
  • Job Application Forms: You are not required to have students complete a job application, but if you’d like to use one, here is an example. Example Student Job Application (Word document)
  • Work Study Resources: Federal law imposes restrictions on the hiring and job requirements of work-study students as well as work-study student hours.  Learn more at the Work-Study Resource Site.

2. Hiring and Onboarding Your Student Employee

3. Effectively Managing Your Student Employee

  • Evaluation Process: All student employees should receive an annual performance evaluation, and ideally, an initial evaluation a couple months into employment. Review the Student Employee Evaluation Process Overview webpage for guidelines and to access the feedback and evaluation forms you’ll need.
  • Intentional Conversations: In order to help your student employees become employable graduates, having intentional conversations about the student’s goals, career preparation plans, and transferable skills gained on the job is important. View the Intentional Conversation Starters (Word document) to get started.
  • Skill Articulation: Your student employees will be more engaged in the work they’re assigned if they can see how it’s preparing them for their career. Use the Skills Articulation Worksheet (Word document) to help your employees understand, track, and discuss the professional skills they’re using.