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Camps/Summer Programs

Hiring Camp/Summer Program Employees

  • All employees must have their hiring paperwork submitted before the first day of camp or program, or their first day of work.
  • Standard hours need to be captured for all employees.
  • Head Camp Coach or Program Leader – Can be paid a salary, meets the FLSA teaching exemption, hire though Bronco Hub (Hire or Rehire a Non-Benefit Eligible Employee).
  • Assistant Coaches and Leaders –Paid hourly as non-exempt unless they meet the FLSA learned professional exemption with a weekly salary minimum of $684 per week. Hire though Bronco Hub (Hire or Rehire a Non-Benefit Eligible Employee).
  • Student Employees – Paid hourly, must be enrolled in Summer or Fall classes in order to be considered a student employee. Hire on New Candidate Hire Form.
  • All other camp/program employees – if the role has been filled before with a known classification such as Event Worker, hire has an hourly employee hire though Bronco Hub (Hire or Rehire a Non-Benefit Eligible Employee). If this is a new role, fill out the Temporary Hire Worksheet.
  • If the camp/program employee is already a benefit eligible Faculty or Professional, submit an ICP (Individual Compensation Plan) through Bronco Hub, the camp/program work is considered Supplemental Pay as per Boise State University Policy #7195.
  • The Supervisor you list should be the person who will be approving the employee’s time and managing the I-9 and background verification processes.
  • A sample email to send to camp hires is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Any questions regarding classification or salary of employees should be directed to

Google Docs for Camp/Summer Program Roster

  • Google Docs can be used to track and communicate when a camp/program employee is hired, needs to or completes a background verification and I-9.
  • To create and use one contact:

Background Verifications

  • A Background Verification is required for all employees, including students or volunteers that meet the definition in policy 7005; or rehired employees or volunteers with a break in service greater than 12 months.
  • Complete the Background Check request form, if you don’t use a Google Doc.
  • The employee or volunteer will receive an email from Make sure they know to check their SPAM/junk mail folder and encourage the individual to follow the instructions within the email.
  • If the employee or volunteer is under 18, they need to complete a consent form and their parent/guardian must also complete the parental consent form. Forms can be provided by the camp program coordinator.

Minors on Campus

Contact Institutional Compliance and Ethics at 208-426-1258,

  • Camps/Events must be registered with the Office of Institutional Compliance & Ethics 14 days prior
    • Both Fee Based and Non-Fee Based Camps
  • Prior to the event, all camp staff and volunteers must complete mandatory training unless a parent or teacher maintains custody, then only the director of the camp needs to complete the training. This training needs to be completed at least 48-hours prior to the event.
  • All information can be found at:

Form I-9

  • I-9s must be completed or an employee cannot work.
  • The Google Doc will be updated if a current I-9 is on file or if a new one is needed.
  • Be Proactive! The employee can come in before camp/program begins to Human Resources with the proper documentation and complete their I-9. View list of acceptable documents.
  • An employee can complete Section 1 of Form I-9 and all employee forms on line at any time – View Off Site Employee Options and Steps. Section 2 can be completed at Human Resources on or before the first day of camp/program with a representative.
  • If you would like a representative to come to your first day of camp/program and verify documents to complete I-9s, email
  • Section 1 must be completed by the end of the first day of work for pay.
  • Section 2 must be completed within the 3rd business day or the employee cannot work.
  • If your camp is only one day you will need to complete both section 1 and 2 on or before the camp starts.

Time Reporting


  • All employees are encouraged to use Direct Deposit, on or after an employee’s first day of work they can access Bronco Hub and set up a Personal Payment Method and update your tax withholdings. Visit the Direct Deposit page for more information.
  • Print out both a paper direct deposit form and a W-4, ask your employee to bring their bank routing information and account number to the first day of camp/program to complete the form. Or email it to them ahead of time and they can email or fax to
  • Paper payroll checks will be mailed to the home address on file.
  • There will be a $15.00 processing fee for any check reprint requests due to lost or expired checks.


  • All Camp/Program Volunteers must meet the definition of volunteer per the Fair Labor Standards Act, specifically Boise State employees may not volunteer for the same type of duties for which they are being paid. Questions can be directed to
  • All Camp/Program Volunteers must complete an Authorized Volunteer Services Agreement
  • Volunteers do need a background verification.
  • Volunteers do not need an I-9.
  • Questions on if the person is considered a volunteer or an employee should be directed to Risk Management at 426-3636 or 426-5955. Website: Use of Volunteers

Email example to send to Camp Hires:

Example of email to send to your potential camp employees – with the links they need!

Welcome to Boise State!

xxx Your own text regarding your camp xxx

In order to get the process started on your hiring there are some things you can do today and be ready for:

  • A background verification is required for all employees and volunteers. You will receive an email from, be sure to check your SPAM/junk mail folder.
  • An I-9 must be completed on or before your first day of work. Visit the Payroll site to get the information you need. You must bring your acceptable documents to the Boise State Human Resources office to be verified, or you can complete Section 1 online, follow the steps for Off Site Employees.
  • Click and print out a Direct Deposit and W-4 form. Bring those with you to Human Resources or to the first day of camp and we’ll get you set up for your paychecks.

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