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Graduate Students

Graduate Student Research Opportunities in the HPL

There are three faculty with diverse research interests affiliated with the Boise State Human Performance Laboratory.  This gives graduate students a wide variety of thesis options and research expertise to draw from.

  • Activity monitoring systems
  • AlterG Antigravity Treadmill as a conditioning and/or rehabilitation tool
  • Alzheimer’s and physical activity
  • Bodybuilding protocols and techniques
  • Nordic ski conditioning
  • Novel strength and conditioning protocols and techniques
  • Nutrition supplements and performance enhancement
  • Older adult strength training
  • Workplace physical activity

Graduate Assistant Positions Affiliated with the HPL

Kinesiology Department Graduate Program Information

Visit the Kinesiology Department website to learn more about our graduate programs.


For more information about our graduate programs and graduate assistantships, please contact:

Dr. Shelley Lucas