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Physiological Assessment Equipment

The HPL has a wide variety of physiological assessment equipment available for teaching, research, and service.  The list below is representative and not all-inclusive.

  • AlterG antigravity treadmill.
  • Biodex isokinetic dynomometer.
  • BodPod.
  • Medgraphics Body Box.
  • Quinton ECG with Q5 treadmill.
  • Parvo Medics TrueOne 2400 metabolic cart
  • Racermate Computrainer bicycle roller
  • Racermate Velotron cycle ergometer
  • Woodway treadmill

Human Performance T-shirts

Front and back of Human Performance Tshirt

For every shirt that is purchased from the Bronco Shop, $5 goes back into the Lab, and every Bronco Shop purchase helps fund campus scholarships.

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