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Little things can accomplish a lot

This tiny fledgling Calliope Hummingbird doesn’t let his size hold him back. Weighing as much as a dime and only a few months old, this little guy will soon be winging his way thousands of miles south…all the way to Mexico!

Little things can accomplish a lot! That’s the same philosophy we’re taking with our upcoming projects this year. Whether that’s a school field trip to meet the scientists at one of our banding stations, a Curlews in the Classroom activity, or a summer visit to our Hummingbird banding project, we need your help.

We know many of you love and support the work we do at the Intermountain Bird Observatory. That is why we have made it easy for you to become a sustaining supporter. It costs us about $5 per student to bring our outreach programming to a class. If just two of you make a gift of $10/month, we can bring 48 new students on board this year.

Become a sustaining supporter today by making a gift at