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Eagle Scouts pitch in for IBO

We’re very thankful for the hard work of these Eagle Scouts!

Eagle Scouts Brandon Parish and Ian Smith present their projects at IBO’s Diane Moore Nature Center on the Boise River with IBO Education Director Heidi Ware Carlisle

Brandon Parrish from Troop 85 worked diligently this winter to create a set of benches for the Diane Moore Nature Center! These will help us make sure that you will have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy whenever you visit our Boise River banding station. We think that it’s fantastic that these benches were built based on the original design from famous conservationist and wildlife ecologist, Aldo Leopold! This bench pattern is constructed so that they are comfortable to sit on and also stack nicely to fit into our shipping container for storage.

Brandon Parish’s Aldo Leopold Bench

Ian Smith worked to build and install dog waste stations at the Diane Moore Nature Center. Not only will these stations help improve things for visitors to the Boise River Research Station, but they will benefit wildlife as well! As part of this project, Ian installed signs created by the Boise River Enhancement Network. These humorous signs attract attention and help educate about the importance of keeping pet waste out of our waterways.

Sign text reads: dog owner quiz. are you qualified to own a dog? take this quiz to find out: 1. which of these dogs is pooping? images show a dog sleeping in bed with a pillow, a dog jumping to catch a frizbee, a dog pooping, a dog chewing a shoe, and a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Question 2: what equipment is needed to pick up dog poop? images show a dog standing on two legs using a pooper scooper, a humans bagged hand reaching to pick up poop, a stick of dynamite, a tractor, and a human and a dog wearing hazmat suits. Question 3: how should you dispose of dog poop? images show a pile of bagged dog poop sitting on a trail, a slingshot with poop loaded in it, a stand up paddleboarder dropping poop into the river, a child fishing with poop dangling in the river, and a waste basket. Calculate how many questions you answered correctly! 3 correct: congrats and thanks for protecting the boise river. 2 correct: needs improvement. Study and take the test again. 1 correct: miserable, spend 10 hours at the dog park. 0 correct: fail: you cannot own a dog.
The Boise River Enhancement Network provided the design for these excellent Dog Waste Station signs! Graphic design work by Tara Bingham
Ian Smith’s Dog Waste Station Design