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Terra Project will support migration education on a continental scale!

We have exciting news!

We are partnering with Observatorio de Aves de San Pancho/San Pancho Bird Observatory and the The Terra Project to bring the excitement of migration research to students across the continent.

By placing Terra devices in classrooms in both Mexico and the United States, we hope to create a link between birds’ breeding grounds here in the Intermountain West, and their wintering grounds in Western Mexico. These Terra devices will detect tagged songbirds as they migrate through, and will also bring the sounds of nature into the classroom.

We are looking for folks to purchase Terra devices and donate them to local schools. How can you help?

Visit their Indiegogo page to purchase a Terra device in advance.

Once you’ve purchased a device (or two or three!), email us at to let us know you would like to donate a Terra device. We will work with San Pancho Bird Observatory as well as teachers in Idaho to place your donated device at a local school.

Can’t purchase a whole device? Even $10 will get Terra closer to their goal.

Want to get more than one device? Check out Terra’s three-pack deal! You can have one for yourself, donate one to a school here in the USA, and one to a school in Mexico.

Really want to double-down? Choose the Johnny Appleseed deal and spread the love with a 10-pack of Terras! We’ll work with our partners to place the devices, and let you know where they end up.