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River Restoration Preparation Begins: Fall 2021

We have big news!
All summer our team has been diligently working to prepare for the river side channel restoration project at the Diane Moore Nature Center, which is made possible thanks to Micron Technology and many partners.

a view of the greenbelt bike path with a sign for the diane moore nature center. The path is lined with orange construction fencing. Trees and the river are visible in the background
Preparations for the Side-channel Restoration Project begin Fall 2021. Photo by Aaron Connolly

We still have a few more boxes to tick, but we’ve made enough progress to begin preparing the site. If you pass by the Diane Moore Nature Center you’ll see that Warner Construction Inc. have begun fencing off the restoration area in preparation for the project to begin. (Not to worry, we plan to continue our fall planting and bird research through October).

Closure of the area will help keep the public safe while restoration equipment is on site.

When we’re finally done, this project will include improved public access and trails thanks to contributions from our many partners!

Conceptual Map of the Diane Moore Nature Center
Conceptual Map of the Diane Moore Nature Center

There’s a lot more work ahead of our team in the future to complete this project, but we are already busy dreaming of the beautiful natural areas and recreation opportunities these improvements will provide.

A heron wades in the water with reeds and grass in the background
Great Blue Heron on the Boise River. Photo by Ken Miracle