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Category: 2023 Newsletter

a group of about 20 students and a few parents stand at the top of Lucky Peak overlooking Boise. They are facing away over the valley, raising their arms into the air in celebration. The sun is setting with a beautiful orange glow
a closeup of a male Red Crossbill's head. His red feathers are glowing in the light, highlighted by the pure black background behind him. His sharp hooked bill shows the characteristic mismatched upper and lower mandibles.

2023 Lucky Peak Update

Our crew of dedicated technicians has outdone themselves this year with an excellent set of articles about our Lucky Peak fall migration project. This season was full of surprises including some very unexpected highs and some mysterious lows.

a small grayish hummingbird hovers in flight just over a person's outstretched palm. The photo was taken the moment the bird took off from the person's hand

Hummingbird Rebound!

As 2023 approached, we carefully devised a plan to recapture the magic of public banding days and rebuild our crew. We missed having you all there with us to share in the excitement and couldn’t wait to see everyone again!

a hill in the background has numerous eroded trails going up and down. The foreground shows bare trampled dirt and some grassy desert areas.
scott and liz stand next to partially built railings. a toolbox, post hole digger, work gloves, and thermos are scattered around the work area