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Long-billed Curlews

Emmett the curlew

IBO’s work on Long-billed Curlews began in 2009. Our research focuses on full life cycle conservation, from their nesting grounds in the north to their non-breeding grounds in the southern states and Mexico. We use satellite tracking data to determine threats and areas of conservation priority for this species.

Project Highlights

Our Long-billed Curlew project is one of IBO’s most interactive research projects! You can view the locations of our satellite-tracked birds daily, read about individual birds, and invite a scientist to your classroom to present about our research.

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New Migratory Mysteries Revealed: Tracking Curlews From the West Central Mountains 
Curlews in the Rock Garden: A Tale of Two Nests
A morning in the field during Corona
Spring Migration: The Curlews are Coming!
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