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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

About the Survey

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) collects information from first-year and senior undergraduates at hundreds of universities about their participation in programs and activities relevant to their learning and personal development. The results provide information about how students spend their time and how engaged they are with their universities. The most important items are used to build ten ‘Engagement Indicators’ which are believed to reflect student behaviors and institutional features that are powerful contributors to student learning and personal development. For more information regarding the benchmarks or additional survey description, please visit the NSSE webpage.

Boise State administers NSSE every three years in the spring. Results are made available in the fall. Boise State has been participating in NSSE since 2000, but a major revision occurred 2013, so only results from then onward are available on this page.


The results from the survey can be found in the table below. Research reports and presentations on the NSSE results can be found here.

Administration SummaryAS15 (PDF)

AS18 (PDF)AS22 (PDF)
Engagement IndicatorsEI15 (PDF)

EI18 (PDF)EI22 (PDF)
Frequencies and Statistics ComparisonsFSC15 (PDF)FSC18 (PDF)FSC22 (PDF)
High-Impact PracticesHIP15 (PDF)HIP18 (PDF)HIP22 (PDF)
Multi-Year ReportN/AMYR18 (PDF)MYR22 (PDF)
Pocket Guide ReportPGR15 (PDF)PGR18 (PDF)PGR22 (PDF)
Respondent ProfileRP15 (PDF)RP18 (PDF)RP22 (PDF)
Selected Comparison GroupsSCG15 (PDF)SCG18 (PDF)SCG22 (PDF)
SnapshotS15 (PDF)S18 (PDF)S22 (PDF)
Comment Analysis (prepared by IE)N/AN/ACA22 (PDF)
Academic AdvisingAA15 (PDF)AA18 (PDF)N/A
Development of Transferable SkillsDTS15 (PDF)N/AN/A
HIP (High Impact Practice) QualityN/AN/AHIPQ22 (PDF)
Career & Workforce PreparationN/AN/ACWP22 (PDF)