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Research Reports and Presentations

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness regularly completes research and analyses on a variety of topics related to student success and other other university performance metrics. Each report is assigned a unique number, starting with the year and then with a sequence number (e.g., 2012-01, 2012-02, 2012-03).

Reports are presented in descending order with the most recent reports at the top in each category.

Reports by Category



Survey Analysis

Advising Survey

  • Report 2014-17: Results of the 2017 Academic Advising Survey
  • Report 2014-12: Results of the 2014 Academic Advising Survey
  • Report 2011-03: How do Students View Advising? Results from the Fall 2010 Advising Survey
  • Report 2011-02: Did students respond differently to the academic advising survey in 2010 compared to prior years?
  • Report 2008-05: Faculty Advising Survey Results For Fall 2007
  • Report 2008-04: Student Advising Survey Results for Fall 2007 With Comparisons to Fall 2004
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