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Interactive Dashboards

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides the results of some analyses, studies, and surveys through interactive dashboards using Tableau.

The Tableau interactive dashboards presented here are built with accessibility needs in mind. However, if you need help accessing the results displayed in the data visualizations, please call (208-426-1575) or email (

Institutional Effectiveness’s interactive dashboards follow strict security procedures to protect student information. Any survey dashboards will not show filtered results where fewer than five students have been surveyed based on the selection, protecting student anonymity. No personally identifiable information is uploaded to Tableau. Unique identifiers used for counting students are made anonymous. To further protect student data, the data informing the dashboards is unavailable to download or drill down to. For questions, please call (208-426-1575) or email (

Explore Boise State Data

Interactive Dashboard Portal

Fate Data

For students in a given fall semester, in a given college, department, and major, where were they one year later?

SERP Fate Data

These dashboards show focused views of the four student populations identified in the Strategic Enrollment and Retention Plan

Source Data

For students in a given fall semester, in a given college, department, and major, where did they come from (where were they the previous year)?

Graduating Student Survey

View the results of the graduating student survey by overall results over time or by year.

Undergraduate Advising Survey

View the results of the undergraduate advising survey, including engagement, experience, and overall satisfaction.

Graduate Advising Survey

View the results of the graduate advising survey

Alumni Career Insights

Explore career insights about Boise State alumni including career outcomes, employers, skills reported, field of employment, and location.

Career Pathways

Curious about the paths that Boise State students have taken? Using the career pathways tool, you can search by college, department, or career to experience the range of possibilities within Boise State majors.