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Professor - Geosciences

Nancy Glenn


Dr. Nancy Glenn is a remote sensing scientist and engineer with a focus on lidar and imaging spectroscopy. Her development of remote sensing tools for measuring plant communities in dryland ecosystems has built a foundation for understanding these ecosystems and assisting in restoration activities. Nancy is passionate about mentoring students and early career scientists. She especially enjoys sharing the opportunities that research provides, including hands-on experience, building a community of learners and developing interdisciplinary skillsets.


Dr. Glenn’s partners include scientists and managers at agencies such as USDA Agricultural Research Service, USDA U.S. Forest Service, Department of Energy, and NASA. Together they aim to understand how ecosystems respond to changes in climate and disturbance for restoration activities. Much of this work is applied, with a focus on methodological advancements in remote sensing. Part of her work also includes partnering with local and state agencies to acquire lidar data for application to natural resource management.

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