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Grade My Professional Development Classes


Instructors can access grade rosters for classes they are currently teaching, as well as classes already loaded that they are assigned to teach in future semesters.

If you are using a Canvas course, follow this separate guide for help on moving Canvas grades to PeopleSoft.


Select Faculty Center.

From the Faculty Center, select the Grade Roster link. Verify the term before opening your grade roster. If you would like to change the term, click the Change Term button.

Select the grade roster for your course. If your grade roster is blank, please contact the Extended Studies Customer Service team at 208-426-1709.

Example grade roster to show location of save button.

After saving your grade roster, you will receive a message explaining you still need to submit the grades in order for them to be official. You do not need to submit grades as it will be done automatically. Pressing submit will lock your roster and prevent you from making changes or adding new grades.

Example image of the save grades popup message.