If you are interested in applying for an internship, please review the following information.


Department Internship Coordinator: Person from Boise State University who is coordinating internships for the program in which you are enrolled.

Internship Supervisor: Person from the community who is working most directly with you at your internship site.

Internship Requirements

To enroll in an internship, you:

  • must be a Kinesiology major in good standing
  • must have completed, or be enrolled in, all of the first three (3) years of program requirements
  • must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (You are required to provide an unofficial transcript verifying GPA when you apply for the internship.)
  • must have a current CPR/AED certification (Red Cross, American Heart, etc.)
  • must have completed the KINES 493 Internship Orientation
  • must have passed a background check (PDF)

Application Process

The internship application process consists of several steps.

Step 1: Meet the first 4 criteria listed above

Step 2: Attend the University’s internship orientation the semester prior to your anticipated enrollment in an internship.

Step 3: Determine your top three internship site choices using the resources listed below.

Step 4: Make an appointment with your Internship Coordinator

Deadlines to meet with your Internship Coordinator:

  • Fall internships – April 15
  • Spring internships – October 31
  • Summer internships –  April 30

Items to take to your appointment:

  • Your top three internship site choices
  • Your unofficial transcript(s)
  • Your  CPR/AED certification
  • Your background check report

Step 5: Complete the Internship Application

Step 6: View the Internship Workshop video and complete the quiz

Step 7: Visit the Internship Blackboard page for forms and assignments


For internship registration deadlines, review the Academic Calendar on the Registrar’s Web site.

Internship Coordinator

Dr. Stephanie Hall

Schedule an appointment to meet with your coordinator


Revised 1/2/17