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KINES 493 Course Prerequisites:

Access the KINESIOLOGY INTERNSHIPS information.

In order to be approved for an internship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • FOR SUMMER 2020 enrollment: Junior standing, 3.0 GPA and PERM/INST
  • FOR FALL 2020 enrollment: Junior standing and PERM/INST
  • Must provide a current unofficial transcript
  • Must have a current CPR/AED certification (Red Cross, American Heart, etc.)
  • Must have passed a background check – Castlebranch
  • Must have completed the Internship Orientation video and quiz found on the career    services website

Policy Statement:

All internships are subject to approval by the Internship Coordinator. Students are required to get approval of their internship before they start. I also reserve the right to pull any student out of their internship based on feedback from their site supervisor.

The Internship Coordinator can offer ideas and possible locations, but It is the responsibility of the student intern to secure their own internship location.  You will need to secure a site supervisor at the location who will be your point of contact.  You will need to gather their Name, phone number, direct work email address, and a description of what kind of work place it is and what you intend to do there during your internship.

Registration Process for an internship for academic credit

To determine whether or not an opportunity can be considered for academic credit, you must review your opportunity with your department internship coordinator.  If you don’t know who that is you can find a listing by department on our website: The coordinator must first evaluate the work that you are doing to ensure that it meets department guidelines and help you decide how many credits the internship should be assigned.  Students earn one credit for each 45-50 hours of work.

Once you have your internship identified and are ready to register for the internship course you must complete your application online.

Steps for online application:

  • Access the Internship Application for Academic Credit found on-line at the career center’s website at  Click on “Gain Experience” then on the right menu bar where it says:  Internship Application for Academic Credit
  • Log in using your Boise State username and password.
  • To create your application, hit the plus (+) sign next to Internship Application for Academic Credit on the left hand side of the page.  Click on the option Create an Application.
  • Enter all required information (fields with * are required)
  • Hit SUBMIT. (Please note: if you do not have all the information you can hit SAVE and come back to it at another time; remember it is not submitted until you hit SUBMIT)
  • Once submitted, the application will be routed to the department internship coordinator for approval – he/she will get an email notification asking them to approve your internship
  • Once approved by department internship coordinator, it will then be routed to your organization supervisor for approval via email
  • Once approved by the organization supervisor, it will be routed via email to the Registrar’s Office and the approved internship course will be added to your class schedule in my.Boisestate.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  You will not be registered for your internship course until your department internship coordinator and organization supervisor approve your internship application

Complete On-Line Orientation Workshop

As part of doing an internship for academic credit, you are required to complete a very short on-line orientation workshop and quiz prior to beginning your internship.  To complete the workshop and quiz the instructions are as follows:

Steps for online orientation workshop:

  • Access the Internship Application for Academic Credit found on-line at the career center’s website at Then click on the bottom right hand side where it says:  Internship Application for Academic Credit
  • Log in using your Boise State username and password.
  • On the left hand side you will see Internship Application for Academic Credit (+)
  • Click on the + side
  • Click on view on-line orientation workshop it’s a short YouTube video
  • After completion of viewing the orientation video you will be prompted to take a quiz
  • Complete 10 question quiz and submit, you may also print your quiz

Background checks:

Instructions on how to order:


Boise State University ­Kinesiology Dept. has partnered with CastleBranch, one of the top ten background check and compliance management companies in the nation to provide you a secure account to manage your time sensitive school and clinical requirements.

After you complete the order process and create your account, you can log in to your account to monitor your order status, view your results, respond to alerts, and complete your requirements. You will return to your account by logging into and entering your
username (email used during order placement) and your secure password.

Order Summary

Payment Information

Your payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit, electronic check and money orders.

Note: Use of electronic check or money order will delay order processing until payment is received.

Accessing your account

To access your account, log in using the email address you provided and the password you created during order placement. Your administrator will have their own secure portal to view your compliance status and results.


For additional assistance, please call their Service Desk at 888­-723-­4263 or visit CastleBranch’s help page for further information.

Internship Coordinator