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Leadership Certificates

We offer both Undergraduate Certificates and Graduate Certificates. Click on the links below to learn more.

Mission statement

The Leadership Certificate programs recognize every individual’s ability to lead, regardless of position, field of work, or stage in life. Yet, learning to lead effectively is a life-long journey and most of us struggle through that journey without a map or clear sense of direction. As a result, too few of us are engaging in a way that reflects our best leadership potential.

The LEAD certificates respond to this challenge by providing an opportunity for focused learning. Through personal study, experiential activities, and intentional reflection, students acquire the mindset, skillset, and individual direction needed to expedite their leadership journey and make a profound impact earlier in their lives and careers. The certificate prepares both emerging and practicing leaders to distinguish themselves and meet the demands and opportunities of the modern world.

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Only 37% of Millennials say their leadership skills are being fully developed, while 80% of companies say leadership is a high priority. – Deloitte Millennial Survey

The LEAD Certificate program is a project based in the School of Public Service. Learn more about SPS at our home page.