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Leadership in Action Graduate Certificate

The Leadership in Action graduate certificate program offers a 15-credit immersive and rigorous experience for current and future leaders who are committed to driving meaningful change within themselves, their teams, and their broader environment. The curriculum is focused on developing both the strategic and relational skills needed to lead in public, private, or non-profit environment.

Leadership in Action graduate certificate program

Is it right for you?

The certificate may be:

  • Taken as a stand-alone program.
  • Added to an existing Master’s degree (e.g., Criminal Justice).
  • Integrated into a personalized M.A. or M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies by combining the leadership certificate with another graduate certificate (e.g., Conflict Management)

Time to Completion 

Students may begin the program in either fall or spring and take courses at their own pace. The entire 15-credit certificate can be completed in one calendar year.

“Effective reskilling and upskilling will require employees to embark on a blended-learning journey that includes traditional learning (training, digital courses, job aids) with nontraditional methods (enhanced peer coaching, learning networks).” – McKinsey & Company