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Undergraduate Certificates

Learn to work effectively with others and solve problems while making a difference in your field or community. There are two certificate programs, open to all majors – choose between fully online or in-person.

Are you in?

  1. Are you interested in identifying your values, ethics, and sense of purpose?
  2. Do you want to learn to work effectively with others and solve problems?
  3. Do you care about integrating the perspectives of diverse people?
  4. Do you want to communicate effectively even under difficult circumstances?
  5. Is your goal to make a difference in your field or community?

If so, it sounds like you’re in.

There are two Leadership Certificates available at Boise State University: one in-person and one online. Both are open to all majors. Getting started is easy. Just sign up for one of our courses and prepare yourself to learn the perspectives and skills that will benefit you in any field of study. The certificate program is taught by dedicated instructors with both academic and real-world experience. Our in-person classes are intentionally smaller, diverse, and highly interactive. Add a certificate in Leadership to your major today—and bring out your leadership qualities.

80% of companies say they experience a lack of leadership talent – Mercer Mettl