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Using the Workplane Tool

The workplane tool is a useful tool that allows you to create objects on a plane that is relative to another object. This makes it easier to position objects on the top, sides, and certain distances away from objects. To use the workplane tool, click the “Workplane” button in the top left of the workspace.

Cube in workplane with arrow pointing towards workplane selector

This will place a small square on the cursor representing the new workplane. You can click again on the edge of an object to place a new workplane. This will create a new, orange workplane on the object that you selected. The workplane will be placed tangent to whatever surface was clicked.

Workplane with cube rotated now oriented vertically

With this new workplane, you can create new shapes which will be oriented normal to the new workplane. This might make it easier to position new objects relative to other objects, make new structures, etc.

Same workplane from another view with additional cylinder.

To get rid of the workplane, simply click on the “Workplane” button again and click anywhere that isn’t an object.

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