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Access to Emerging Technology

Albertsons Library MakerLab provides access to everyone affiliated with Boise State University: students, staff, and faculty. All are welcome!

Coaching on Emerging Technology

Tell a MakerLab Employee – they’re wearing the aprons – what you’d like to use, and they will train you. Using a mindful makers pedagogy, we will help everyone gain skills and make their creations!

Workshops to Enhance Learning

The MakerLab hosts workshops, events, and formal instruction. The calendar of workshops and events can be found on the MakerLab Events page. Instruction is not listed on this page.

Formal Instruction for Courses

Faculty in the library enjoy working with other faculty from all across campus to design assignments and assist in makerspace style instruction. Request consultations by emailing, calling (208) 426-1625, or using this form. Instructors at Boise State may request instruction for their class, an instruction session for your group, or one on one instruction. The Maker Instruction Toolkit is the best starting point for incorporating maker competencies into coursework and assignments.

Design and Print Requests

If you’d like to organize a school group, or pay for a design, or have us 3D print something for you, please consult the list of all of the MakerLab’s fee based services.