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Fall 2020 Library Materials Safety Measures

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In addition to the changes in furniture arrangement, library hours, and cleaning protocols described in an earlier blog post, the Library has increased safety protocols in handling books and other items inside the library and supporting the work of the MakerLab.

Safety measures around library materials include:

  • All returned library materials including books and DVDs will be quarantined for at least three days.
  • Books used inside the library will be placed on book carts and quarantined for at least three days.
  • US Mail and other packages received from off campus will be quarantined for three days.
  • Book carts and reshelving areas are cleaned with disinfectant on a regular schedule and after every use.
  • Print course reserves are discontinued for the semester. Students may request chapters or small portions of the books emailed to them for personal use through the electronic course reserves request form.
  • Patrons will find held items on self-service hold shelves near the Circulation Desks. Patrons use the barcode scanners at the check-out computer to decrease contact.
  • Library staff follow safety protocols, including washing hands, cleaning carts and shelving, and wearing masks when retrieving library items for patron use.
  • View the “Safety Protocol Recommendations for Handling for Library Materials

We encourage students using materials inside the library to place no longer needed items at the end of study tables or on the red carts and shelves that are staggered throughout the library. Student employees and library staff will gather up these items to place in quarantine on regular intervals. Because of the quarantine time, it may take longer to receive Interlibrary Loan requests and library holds. Plan early for materials you might need for research or study.

The MakerLab has implemented many protocols to keep folks safe. We are limiting the number of individuals who can be in the space at once. We are only allowing access to technologies by appointment. Most consultations are virtual. Anyone coming in to use the space will wash their hands, and all technology and surfaces are cleaned after each use. 3D Prints are cleaned after printing and placed in ziplock bags with individual’s names on it. We think all of these efforts will improve the experience of the MakerLab in addition to keeping individuals safe.