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Albertsons Library adds more digital content for Idaho Statesman

Idaho statesman collection screenshot

The Albertsons Library worked diligently to get online content that was missing from the Idaho Statesman collection, available via the Newsbank database:

Idaho Statesman, 1971-1999 — added to existing 1864-1970 coverage available now
Idaho Statesman, 2000-2017 — in production, released by year as digitized

The final costs for one-time purchase, cover-to-cover Idaho Statesman digital content for 1971 through 2017:

ID Statesman Digital 1971-1999, negotiated fees totaling $68,140
ID Statesman Digital 2000-2017, negotiated fees totaling $68,192

As for the annual Idaho Statesman digital subscription, it has been reduced by $10,000+ per year for a period of at least ten (10) years as part of the negotiations. The initial subscription cost for 2022 will be $5,150 — rather than the anticipated $15,167 — with a nominal increase per year using the 2022 cost as the base for calculating the increase. The total anticipated savings estimated over ten (10) years will be $106,101.61

Newsbank will provide the Albertsons Library with an anticipated release date for the remaining Idaho Statesman content from 2000 to 2017. The annual Idaho Statesman digital subscription provides perpetual access for paid years’ content since the beginning of 2018.

Any questions about this process can be sent to Nancy Donahoo.