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Alumni Scott Looney hits it out of the park with new book

photo of Scott Looney holding his recently published book, Finding the Elixir
Scott Looney ‘96 revisiting Albertsons Library’s acquisitions and collections unit

Scott Looney ’96 earned both his bachelor’s and his master’s degree at Boise State University. He now teaches history at Boise High and recently earned another honor: published author. His new book, Finding the Elixir: How Spontaneous Travel and Unexpected Friendships Helped Reset My Life, recounts the story of navigating his new normal after the end of his sixteen-year marriage.

Looney worked at Albertsons Library in the 1990s as a student employee in the cataloging unit where he learned the value of mentors, friendship and contributing to his education. We recently caught up with him to celebrate his book and ask him about his Boise State Experience.

What made you choose Boise State?

Growing up in Caldwell, I wanted to choose a university away from home, but close enough to still spend time with my family.

What drew you to student employment at Albertsons Library?

I was awarded a work-study opportunity so I figured working in a library would be a great fit…it was! Rita Nuxoll, Beth Allen and the crew were so very kind and supportive of me! (Note: Nuxoll and Allen are still part of Albertsons Library, where they continue to support Boise State’s relationship-rich education experience).

What was the greatest lesson you learned in college?

I learned the value of staying positive despite all of the ups and downs that come with college. Everyone faces challenges, and while my time in college was mostly good, there were definitely some difficult times which required all the positivity I could muster in order to push forward.

What’s your favorite memory of your time spent at Boise State?

So many favorite memories, but I cherish the memorable times with friends I made at Boise State and whom I remain friends with today! Of course, the time spent with the amazing people at Albertsons Library for more than four years will always hold a special place in my heart as well!

What’s your favorite baseball stadium?

Your book documents your journey (both physical and emotional) to 24 out of 30 major league baseball parks across the country. Do you have a favorite baseball team? Who would you like to see in the World Series? What’s your favorite baseball stadium?

My favorite team is the LA Dodgers, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Cubs and the Red Sox! Along my Ballpark Bucket List journey I’ve been fortunate to see three games at Fenway Park in Boston and I love the “green monstah!” Fenway is my #1 ballpark I’ve visited!

When we talked to Looney, he was rooting for a World Series featuring the Dodgers against the Astros. But, just like baseball, life throws us curve balls. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers will face each other for the first time in the 2023 World Series. Looney is proof that the unexpected may be just the elixir we need to keep going.