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Armstrong’s and Davis’ national presentation voted “Best of Webinar Series”

Albertsons Library’s Michelle Armstrong, associate dean, and Megan Davis, associate professor and instruction and research librarian, recently presented at the 2023 Core Forum in New Orleans, LA. Using Critical Reflection to Navigate Complex DEI Issues in the Library,” explored the use of reflective practice in addressing difficult equity issues in library settings. 

Reflective practice provides a framework for thinking deeply and critically when addressing diversity, equity and inclusion situations. It also allows all participants to showcase their unique strengths and contributions. According to the American Library Association, “reflective practice” is necessary throughout a librarian’s professional career. This includes maintaining enthusiasm for teaching and exploration of new approaches to instruction.

It can be challenging, and deeply emotional, to evaluate a growing competency in this area. Armstrong and Davis layered reflective practice methods across the four stages that Jennifer Brown outlines in her “Inclusive Leader Continuum.” Brown specializes in the development of DEI strategy and thought leadership.

After the conference, attendees voted for presentations that should be included in the Core Forum “Best of Webinar Series.” Armstrong’s and Davis’s work was selected, and will be available online next spring. This enables individuals to access the best content from the conference. 

Core: Leadership, Infrastructures, Futures is a division of the American Library Association that advances leadership for library professionals, supports the infrastructure of libraries, and ensures a successful future for both. Its mission is to cultivate and amplify the collective expertise of library workers in core functions through community building, advocacy and learning.