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The Albertsons Library Data Management Team is available for consultations related to managing and sharing/publishing your data.

A data management plan (DMP) is a tool to assist in the efficient management of your research. It is a written document that describes how you will organize, store, and share your research data – during and after you complete your research. Although many researchers already engage in some kind of data management, a written plan allows you to document your policies and procedures, and consequently improve how you manage your research activities.

Most federal and private funding agencies now request information on how you will manage the data created or used during your project. In many cases, this is a required part of the grant proposal itself.

Albertsons Library can assist you in the creation of a Data Management Plan tailored to your project and the funding agency to which you are applying. Depending on the amount of lead time before the OSP application due date (generally three days prior to the funding agency’s due date), the Library can help in creating data management plan templates specific to your RFP, identifying applicable campus resources and services, getting started with the DMPTool, meet one-on-one to discuss your proposal, and/or reviewing your data management plan before submitting your final proposal. 

Please note: These services are first-come, first-served. While rare, there may be times when we can not accommodate all DMP consultation requests.

To take advantage of the Library’s DMP Service, submit this form or email us at

One Month before Application Deadline

Contacting the Library one month (or more) before the grant application deadline ensures the highest level of aid in writing an effective data management plan. The Library can provide:

  • Personalized DMP Assistance – DMP Interview leading to a written DMP draft for the specific RFP that is yours to edit as necessary

Two Weeks before Application Deadline

Contacting the Library with two weeks before the grant application deadline may not allow time for the personalized DMP assistance described above. Instead, the Library can guarantee:

  • Guidance on resources to consult
  • Comparison of grant guidance and your written DMP draft to identify any incomplete or unclear components

One Week before Application Deadline 

Writing a DMP is a time-intensive process with several considerations. Unfortunately, the Library may not be able to effectively offer the above services within one week of the grant application deadline. Do still reach out to us, however, and we will do our best to point you to good resources you can consult for your proposal. We can also provide a quick overview of the full DMP process that you can take advantage for your next grant application.

For Immediate Help, Consult these Resources:

What resources are necessary to write a DMP?

When the library receives a request for help with a DMP, we need a few details to get started:

  • The specific RFP
  • A summary or copy of your proposal
  • A copy of any DMP you have already started
  • Preferred deadlines (funder deadline, OSP deadline, your deadline…)
  • Are there any confidentiality issues we need to be aware of?

The library will then:

  • Pull the RFP looking for any specific data related requirements.
  • Review the specific data management or public sharing guidance provided by the funder.
  • Pull questions from the DMPTool to help direct the type of information to include in the DMP.
  • Look at other research you have been involved with to get a general idea of your work, tools you may have used in
    the past, other data you have produced or shared, or discipline-specific data practices common in your field.
  • Arrange a meeting or correspond with you about your DMP.

How do I get help implementing my data management plan?

If you have a data management plan related to a research project and would like assistance with implementing that plan, please contact the Research Data Management Group at

How do I request assistance with publishing my data?

If you are interested in publishing your data, please contact ScholarWorks at