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ORCID and Managing your Online Professional Presence

Successfully sharing your scholarship online is one of the many challenges modern researchers face. Many solutions have been created to enable authors to highlight their contributions to their respective fields. Below are a few of the tools Albertsons Library can help authors create and maintain for successfully managing a professional presence online.


ORCID, a nonprofit organization that assigns ORCID iDs, provides a method for authors to assert ownership of their work and distinguish themselves from authors with similar names. ORCID has also emerged as a leader in the research ecosystem by providing an open platform used by publishers, research funders, and institutions to share bibliographic data, allowing authors to add citations once and reuse often.

Boise State University has partnered with ORCID to allow you to connect accounts. To do so, follow this link to log in with your Boise State ID and follow the directions. From there, you can either create an ORCID iD or log in with an existing one and allow Boise State access. Do not recreate ORCID accounts. Each person can have only one ORCID iD.

With this connection in place, the library will soon have the ability to update your publications and publish them to ScholarWorks and other digital repositories. This reduces the redundancy of adding each reference into multiple systems. If you’ve ever wanted a centralized hub for your works and contributions, ORCID is the perfect solution.

In addition, many researchers add their ORCID iD to their email signatures. By clicking this ORCID iD, you can quickly pull up their profile to view their contributions. The best part is your ORCID iD will follow you wherever your career takes you. It does not require you to stay affiliated with any university or business.

Connect your accounts here:

Connect ORCID with the NIH and NSF

Additionally, the NSF and NIH will soon require grant applicants to have an ORCID ID and provide a simple method for adding citations to a SciENcv Biosketch quickly and easily from ORCID profiles.

NIH SciENcv ORCID Instructions

NSF SciENcv ORCID Instructions

For help adding citations to your ORCID profile, or for any other questions, please contact the Scholarly Communication and Data Management unit.


ScholarWorks, Boise State University’s institutional repository, is an open database of research and scholarship produced at Boise State. By adding your work to ScholarWorks, you are providing barrier free access to readers worldwide. Publications and other research outputs (posters, conference proceedings, videos, etc.) added to ScholarWorks provide powerful insights into an author’s research impact through download counts and PlumX metrics, and enjoy increased visibility through search engine optimization. To add your work to ScholarWorks, contact


Albertsons Library builds and maintains SelectedWorks pages for Boise State University Faculty. These pages, built in tandem with ScholarWorks, Boise State’s institutional repository, provide users worldwide with insight into the powerful research happening at Boise State. Authors with SelectedWorks profile pages are equipped with a powerful set of tools to greater highlight their publications and track impact through download counts and geographic readership information. To see if you are eligible for a SelectedWorks profile page, contact