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Meet Taylor!

To celebrate our Spring 2020 linguistics graduates, we are featuring their story on our webpage. We hope you enjoy learning about our amazing soon-to-be alumni!

young woman standing in frong of white church building in Europe

We asked Taylor a few questions. Here are her responses:

1. Where are you from, how long have you been in college, how long have you been at Boise State?

I am from Twin Falls, Idaho (I graduated from Filer High School) and I have been at Boise State for two years. I transferred to Boise State after attending the College of Southern Idaho for two years.

2. What made you decide to study linguistics?

After high school, I spent a year living in France to learn French. I loved the experience of learning a new language and I wanted to learn more about how that happens, so I decided to study linguistics. I also love traveling and wanted to graduate college with a degree that would allow me to see different parts of the world; studying linguistics is a great path for going into teaching English abroad.

3. What has been your favorite part about studying linguistics?

My favorite part about studying linguistics at Boise State is that I have been able to get to know my professors very well since we are a relatively small group. Likewise, I am thankful that I have been able to make so many incredible friends in this major due to sharing many classes. I have also had so many opportunities to grow in this major.

4. Which was your favorite class?

I would have to say that LING 305, Introduction to Linguistics, was my favorite linguistics class. It was my first formal study of linguistics and it was amazing to finally be in a classroom learning about it! Of course, I have enjoyed all of my linguistics courses at Boise State, but there will always be a special place in my heart for 305. I have also loved taking FRENCH 485 this semester because the class is about the French-speaking islands of Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe. I feel myself being drawn to the cultures of those islands!

5. What do you plan to do after graduation?

Well, my plan after graduation was to travel around for about a year and then settle into a promising job or graduate school. However, with the current world circumstances, I may have to put my travel plans on hold for a while and find a small job to do in the meantime. I am still not sure what I want my career to be; I’m hoping to come upon that as I travel and see more.

6. What is your favorite memory from college/from linguistics?

My favorite memory from my time at Boise State is attending the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana in January. I had an amazing time hearing from student researchers in several different areas of linguistics and getting to experience the vibrant city.

7. If you could have any career in linguistics (as out of the box as you want) what would it be?

My dream, out-of-the-box career that I would want right now is to work for the organization called English PEN. English PEN is a UK-based organization that advocates for readers and writers across the world who may be at risk of losing their freedom of expression. This is an international organization focused on sharing and translating literature from writers all over the world, and I have always wanted to contribute to this work in some way.