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Meet Becca!

To celebrate our Spring 2020 linguistics graduates, we are featuring their story on our webpage. We hope you enjoy learning about our amazing soon-to-be alumni!

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We asked Becca a few questions. Here are her responses:

Where are you from, how long have you been in college, how long have you been at Boise State?

I was born in Westminster, Maryland, but I was raised in McCall, Idaho. This is my fifth year in college for undergrad and my second year at Boise State University.

What made you decide to study linguistics?

I loved learning languages and I wanted a degree that was most flexible with that. I also had a great interest in teaching English, specifically for L2 learners.

What have you learned about yourself through your college experience?

I learned that changing your major multiple times is completely fine. Getting a degree in what you discover to have a great love for is more important than suffering through something you wouldn’t have liked in the end. There is no race in getting a degree. Just get a degree.

Which was your favorite class?

Any class with Gail Shuck. She’s the best teacher and everybody just needs to have a class with her.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I’m going to travel! Meet new people. Learn new languages. Live a good life. Go get my masters. Make some good memories.

How has linguistics changed the way you interact with others, if at all?

Linguistics has changed my entire perception of people just in total. How we all react to each other’s words which is sometimes crazy to think about.