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Career Week Spring 2023 Events

We’re excited to be hosting Dr. Anna Marie Trester — THE Career Linguist — on our campus this week, and there’ll be three exciting opportunities to meet with her for those of you who are in town. Please make sure to fill out the Linguistics Careers Week RSVP form to let us know you’re coming!

Thursday, March 30 @ 4:30pm – Career Workshop

This workshop is designed to create and maintain some space for linguists to learn and reflect on their careers. After listening to some stories about people doing interesting things with their skills and training in linguistics, participants will come away with three things:

  • A better understanding of the world of work (through the BRIGHTEN acronym)
  • An appreciation for story in the process of finding a meaningful career
  • Strategies for continuous career development, for example the metaphor “charting the stars” as applied to the ideas of informational interviewing and professional community-building. This approach entails thinking about your career like a research project, and engaging with people in the ways that you have been trained to engage with books: with curiosity, humility, and a beginner’s mind. Because, for many of us, our careers will be one of the main ways we contribute to the world, it is worth engaging in this process with generosity.

Friday, March 31 — 11:30am – 12:20pm and 3:00 – 4:00pm — Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa Chats with Dr. Trester

Want an opportunity to chat with Dr. Trester about your own experiences and thoughts about career opportunities? Sign up for an appointment and meet over a warm drink and snack in the Linguistics Lab (SMASH 218).

Saturday, April 1 @ noon — Careers for Linguists Panel and lunch

Meet local linguists working in different fields and sectors and learn about how their linguistics education led them to where they are today. After the panel, all are invited to join us for a networking lunch where you can talk with Dr. Trester and the panelists. Lunch is free to all in attendance.

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