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Register for Spring 2024 Linguistics Courses

We are excited to offer the following courses in the Spring 2024 semester — we hope you’ll consider taking them!

  • LING 105: Language Myths – a great course to satisfy your Foundations of Social Sciences (FS) requirement!
  • LING 305: Introduction to Language Studies – a great choice for your upper division elective, and the prerequisite for all other LING courses, there are two sections offered this semester and they’re offered as a flipped hybrid course meeting in person only one day a week!
  • LING 306: English Grammar for Teachers – a course we designed for future teachers to satisfy the Idaho State Board of Education’s grammar requirement for English language arts teachers.
  • LING 312: Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology – a course exploring the smallest units of language, sounds and gestures — how the are produced and perceived, and how they interact with one another across different language.
  • LING 424: Ethnography of Communication – a course introducing students to an approach of studying language and communication in terms of how and why they are used in context.
  • LING 481: Advanced Linguistic Methods (Language Documentation) – an intensive course introducing students to language documentation as a field of inquiry. Can be taken by juniors on its own, or by seniors as a co-requisite for LING 498.
  • LING 498: Linguistics Capstone (Field Methods) – our senior seminar course which allows students to engage in linguistic field methods, working with local community members to document their language. LING 481 is a co-requisite during the semester you take LING 498.

Learn more about our courses and academic programs here.

a photo of two students working in the linglab
Mary Ellen Ryder Linguistics Lab, Allison Corona photo.