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Major and Minor Degrees

We offer a variety of majors and minors suitable for a variety of careers, further education, and also combining with other degree programs on campus.

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Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Majors

Math and Applied Math majors develop critical skills in problem solving and analytical thinking. The Math major is a flexible degree which prepares you for an increasing variety of careers where math plays a central role. The Applied Math major prepares students for careers in areas such as mathematical modeling, computing, data science, business management, and consulting. Each major also prepares students for further study in mathematics, statistics, and related disciplines.

Math majors may add a Secondary Education Emphasis, which partners with the college of education to prepare students to teach math in grades 6-12. Applied Math majors may add a Statistics Emphasis, which adds statistical theory and practice, and prepares students for careers in business, government, health, and more.

Math and Applied Math majors may also begin the Accelerated Master’s Program to obtain an MS degree in 5 years.

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Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Minors

The Math and Applied Math minors are designed to pair easily with science and other majors. They help strengthen your mathematical foundation as well as serve as an excellent résumé item for a variety of careers.

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Mathematics Teaching Endorsements

These minors will enable you to become a math teacher or supplement your other teaching credentials.

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