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Secondary Education

The College of Education partners with many Boise State content-area degrees to provide a pathway to teacher certification for grades 6-12. Boise State offers a variety of Secondary Education emphases and programs to provide students with a dynamic, diverse educational experience that supports them in their efforts to lead the next generation of caring, responsible, and thoughtful citizens.

Part of the College of Education, Boise State Secondary Education offers a series of courses taken alongside our University degree programs. Secondary Ed is dedicated to creating certified teacher candidates who accept the challenge of teaching all students, and acknowledge the importance of educating a population who will contribute to society in a positive way.

In this video, learn about the pathways available within the education program at Boise State. This video is available with captions and a video transcript.

Official Degree Name: Varies, Content Specific

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Certification Type: Varies, Content Specific, either K-12 or 6-12

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**Do you already have an undergraduate degree and are looking for a graduate option to earn your teaching certification? Check out our Master In Teaching (MIT) programs. Most programs can be completed within 1-1.5 years and will earn you both a Master’s degree and a teaching certification.

**Current students, liaisons, and mentors: For resources, such as timelines, adjudication forms, Professional Year field guides, and S-PAT handbooks, click here.

What can I do with this degree?

Through a combination of content coursework in your chosen field of study and educational courses, your Bachelor’s degree and Secondary Education emphasis will uniquely position you as both a content expert and certified teacher in the state of Idaho. 

Admission Requirements

Special Information and Degree Requirements

Are You Ready to Apply to Secondary Teacher Education?

Secondary STEM Education

Secondary STEM Education

The Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies (CIFS) Department offers STEM Education courses for students seeking a Secondary Education Emphasis in a STEM discipline. Students are still admitted to Teacher Education, but some of their field coursework falls under the STEM-ED prefix.

Secondary STEM Education

Costs and Scholarships

Boise State provides an affordable, quality education to improve your future. Scholarship opportunities are available for residents and nonresidents, making it even more affordable to attain a quality education.

The College of Education also offers a range of scholarship opportunities. 

The Cost and Value of a Boise State Education

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