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Student FAQ

Please see the list of questions below. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please see a math advisor or contact the math department to let us know!

Registration Issues

How do math placement exams work and how can I prepare for them?

You can find information about the exams at the Registrar placement exams page (click on the “Mathematics” tab). You can find practice questions at the Accuplacer student practice page.

I took a math class at another college or university, how can I transfer it to Boise State University?

First check to see whether it is already approved for transfer equivalency system. If you require assistance on an individual basis, make an advising appointment!

How can I get permission to repeat a class that I've repeated before?

If you need to repeat a class more than once then you will need to fill out a Request to Exceed Maximum Course Registration. First complete the form, including the justification and advisor signature. Then make an appointment with Math Advising. Please include (a) The course name and number (b) The past semesters and section numbers or instructor names. We will discuss how you can be successful retaking the course!

How do I obtain a permission number?

In order to receive a permission number from the Mathematics Department, please send the following information to using your Boise State student email address.

  •  Name and student ID#
  • The exact section number of the math class wanted including the 5-digit class number. e.g. MATH 170-001 (70187)
  •  A copy of the message received when attempting to register for the class.

We will be in contact with you if additional information is needed or to issue a permission number.

Getting help

Is there tutoring available for my math class?

There is tutoring available for many of our classes, both from the math department and other sources. See our page on Math tutoring locations for hours and locations.

Who can I talk to if I'm having trouble in a class?

You can always speak with or message your instructor. Visit them during office hours or message to schedule an appointment. Many classes have learning assistants available, and many classes have tutoring available too. You can always message to or make an appointment with our advising staff.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about my schedule?

Send a message to or make an appointment with our advising staff. We will help you by making recommendations and resolving any issues you have with your program!


Do you have any student jobs available in the math department?

Yes! We hire computer lab monitors and graders. Please contact the math main office if you are interested! The math department also works with AASC to hire learning assistants.

Majoring in math

Why should I become a math major?

Studying Mathematics leads to a wide variety of Skills and Careers!

The Mathematics Department is an inclusive community and we value our students! See our outreach page for ways to be involved in the department.

Are there scholarships available for math majors?

Boise State University uses a single scholarship application process. In this application, you will be able to select scholarships specifically for math majors, as well as any other scholarships that apply to you.

What careers are available for math majors?

Learning mathematics is one of the best ways to boost your CV and ultimately support yourself with a satisfying career. See our page on Skills and Careers.

What research opportunities are there for math majors?

All math majors complete a project, poster, or thesis as part of the Finishing Foundations requirement. You can view a selection of some of our students’ thesis products. Many students carry out additional research as independent study with a faculty member.