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Why See an Advisor

Advisors help you with course scheduling, degree planning, managing graduation requirements, study abroad, internships, academic adjustments, and locating campus and community resources.

When To See An Advisor

You should see an advisor before you begin a degree program and check-in at least once a year.  Advisors can help when you have questions you can’t answer by reviewing your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) or if your degree plans or circumstances change. For quick questions, send an email to For more extensive assistance, make an appointment at

Where To See An Advisor

Due to COVID-19, advising appointments are currently held on the Google Meet platform.

Schedule An Appointment

Before making an advising appointment, review your Academic Advisement  Report (AAR) for updates to your requirements. You can find your AAR on your BroncoWeb Student Center. Reminder: Use the AAR for academic planning. Degree Tracker will not update to reflect any changes.

Academic and Career Advisors