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About Us

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Blue House Agency is housed within the Boise State University Department of Media and is comprised of students within the communications and media departments. Mentored by a faculty member with experience in communications and public relations, Blue House Agency provides students with both hands-on opportunities to work in public relations and extended learning opportunities through interaction with PR professionals. Together, students work collaboratively with external clients in the areas of strategic communications, public relations, content development and promotions.

How it Works

Businesses and organizations interested in working with Blue House contact us either directly by emailing ( or by completing an online contact form.

The faculty advisor will review your information and the type of services you are seeking to determine if Blue House is the right solution for you. If so – a client intake form will be sent out, giving you the opportunity share more information about your communications goals.

All clients are charged a nominal fee each semester. Fees are determined based on the scope of work and will be provided before work begins. A financial agreement will be created and signed by both parties prior to work beginning.

Each client will be assigned a team leader. Team leaders are responsible for leading and managing Blue House projects and students are assigned to projects based on their experience level and interests. Teams are responsible for their assigned projects and working within their team leadership structure to communicate effectively with their clients to deliver successful results.

At the end of the semester, clients receive a summary report of activity and any metrics associated with your projects.