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Tuition Assistance, Recruitment and More

Military Programs Policies

Boise State University is committed to providing quality educational options and resources to the military community. We adhere to and exceed the guidelines and regulations set forth by state and federal memorandums of understandings and strive to provide excellent service to our military members.

For inquiries regarding our policies and procedures, please email

*The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.


The Tuition Assistance Process

More information, including branch-specific guidelines and deadlines, is located on our Tuition Assistance webpage.

  1. Prospective students need to receive approval from the student’s Educational Services Officer (ESO), military counselor or Service prior to enrollment. Prospective students should meet with a counselor at their station’s education center to provide guidance on choosing a school and utilizing benefits. Some branches require a briefing and one-on-one counseling.
  2. Students who have been accepted to Boise State will meet with their academic advisor and enroll in courses according to their degree plan.
  3. If needed, students will create an account in their branch’s education portal (i.e. AFVEC or ArmyIgnitED) and submit an evaluated degree plan. Army students also must submit a cost verification. Instructions for finding both of these documents are on our Tuition Assistance webpage.
  4. Students then create a TA request within their branch’s education portal using the specific information for each course. This must be completed prior to the classes beginning. Deadlines vary by branch. It’s important to accurately input start and end dates, cost per semester hour and course titles. For help navigating these steps, please contact your base education office.
  5. Once submitted, the TA request is routed through the assigned base education office for approval. The student is notified via email that their request has been approved or denied.
  6. The student can now download their Award Authorization document and upload it through our online submission form.
  7. Boise State will process the funding request and apply the approved Tuition Assistance amount to the balance on the student’s account within several business days. Processing times may vary depending on time of the year.