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NEW Leadership Idaho 2021

Mayor Rebecca Casper speaking into microphone
Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper will be presenting at NEW Leadership National (Go Idaho!)

Welcome to our first virtual NEW Leadership!  Our Idaho “bootcamp” has always been paperless but this year we are full-on virtual. This site will be your primary resource for information both before and after our session. The links below include information about staff, your fellow NEWbies, Agenda and more. The links will be updated with information as the sessions progress and the overall conference link will be active for at least six months so that you can refer back to them as needed.

A few notes on the site – this is not a public link but it can be accessed by sharing the link, so it is not truly private either.  Finally, a few of the links below may not apply fully to this year but they do contain valuable information so we have chosen to include them.


Student Profiles

Speaker Profiles

Professional Standards Training Materials

NEW Leadership Pre-questions