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In Their Own Words – Class of 2018

Students at capitol steps

The final assignment that students of NEW Leadership complete is a media project. This can be a blog, podcast or video highlighting their experience. The links below are a sampling of some of the student’s work. Please note, the following links may not be ADA compliant.


Carole Dobrowolski

C’Line Duff

Andrea Good

Mackenzie Lloyd

Kayla Parnin

Camie Pena

McKenna Rackleff

Hadley Reeves

Amber Reynolds-Smith

Dzenita Spiodic

Eliza Walton

Savannah Willits


Morgan Brummund

Alejandra Hernandez

Haylee Hochalter

Daiana Ruth

Justiniano Serrano

Kamilla Niska

Hannah Sturtevant

Ariana Suaste

Lindsay Virgin