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Political Action Project – Mandatory Minimums

The Political Action Project is a role playing exercise that teaches students about a current issue being evaluated in the Idaho Legislature. During the Action Project, students gain a sense of policy arenas and ways to influence public policy. This year’s Political Action Project is Mandatory Minimums.  You can find information about the issue below but this will not be enough to complete your project. These articles are background on the topic and will provide you with some basic arguments on either side. You will need to do research on your own in order to give your group strong, convincing arguments that will persuade the committee to your side. Media and Committee members will need to do research in order to ask relevant and probing questions.

Action Project Goals

  • Learn about a current public policy issue
  • Learn about ways to affect policy
  • Practice public speaking skills
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Practice working in a group
  • Learn how to develop a strategy and stay on message

We’ll learn about this issue together on Tuesday morning, then assign you to one of four groups – Pro, Con, Media, and Legislature.  Each group will have an Adviser with experience relevant to the group. For example, Melissa Davlin, Political Reporter for Idaho Public Television, will be this year’s Media Adviser.

Action Project Overview

Action Project Overview

Action Project Group Assignments

House Bill 99

Chairman’s Manual

Action Project News

Idaho’s justice reinvestment committee calls for relaxing some mandatory minimums, Idaho Press Tribune, October 26, 2018

Idaho Lawmakers To Revisit Minimum Mandatory Sentencing, Boise State Public Radio, February 5, 2019

Time to right a wrong: Idaho must reform its draconian drug sentencing minimums, Idaho Statesman, January 11, 2019

Jim Jones: “We Were Wrong” About Idaho’s Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws, Boise State Public Radio, February, 26 2019

Action Project Resources

Idaho Freedom Foundation Analysis

ACLU Analysis