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Boise State Celebrates 23rd Commencement Ceremony in Twin Falls

Fifty-three students will participate in Boise State University’s twenty-third annual Twin Falls Commencement Ceremony at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8, in the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) Fine Arts Auditorium. The graduates represent five undergraduate programs and one graduate program. Of the 53 graduates, 12 are eligible for honors: eight cum laude, one magna cum laude and three magna cum laude.

Hailea Bunde, who will graduate with bachelor’s degrees in accountancy and business administration, and serve as the student speaker for the College of Business and Economics, highlighted how important the local graduation ceremony was for her and her loved ones.

“My family and I live in Twin Falls, and I have been able to complete all of my coursework with [Boise State] in Twin Falls,” she said. “Having the option to attend a ceremony in our local community makes it easier for my friends and loved ones to attend and celebrate this accomplishment with me.”

Christy Bowman, Boise State Center at CSI coordinator, echoed Bunde’s sentiments.

“The Boise State Twin Falls graduation is an opportunity to celebrate the moms, the dads, the sisters, the brothers, the sons and the daughters who have all followed their academic passions and accomplished a monumental feat,” said Bowman. “Boise State allows these individuals to pursue their educational goals without leaving the Magic Valley.”

The educational partnership has ensured that Bunde can take the next step in pursuing her career goals.

“I am thankful that both Boise State and the College of Southern Idaho have partnered together in providing an opportunity to Magic Valley students to accomplish their academic objectives,” Bunde said. “By earning my BBA in accountancy and my BBA in business administration, I am able to reach my ultimate goal of sitting for the Idaho CPA exam this year.”

Boise State has offered courses in the Magic Valley since 1995. The university has increased its capacity to meet the needs of students and rapidly expanding business opportunities in the area with a growing list of fully online options. The Twin Falls commencement is a tradition of celebrating the accomplishments of these students in the community where they live, work and engage.

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