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New and revised university policy updates added through March 2021

Several new and revised policies recently were approved. Please contact Angie Zirschky in the Policy Office or the responsible party listed in the policy with questions.

Approved Policy Revisions

Grade Exclusion (Policy 3160) – Revised 03/30/2021. Policy revised adding criteria, procedures, and limitations for a graduate student to request a grade exclusion under Sections 3.2, 4.2, and 5.2 respectively.

Emeritus Faculty (Policy 4280) – Revised 03/25/21. Policy revised adding Section 4.9 – Revocation of Emeritus Status, outlining the “at will” nature such designation. Language was also added affording an appeal right to any emeritus faculty whose status is revoked.

Adjunct Faculty (Policy 4220) – Revised 03/30/21. Policy revised updating the process for adjunct faculty hiring. Additional levels of promotion, specifically criteria and titles for Adjunct Faculty Step III and Senior Adjunct Faculty, were added allowing adjunct faculty additional opportunity for the University to recognize their work and service to the University.

Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, and Visitor Appointments and Privileges (Policy 7035) – Revised 03/26/21. Policy revised under Section 3.3 updating the definition of a “visitor” to a “volunteer” consistent with the Background Verification Policy (7005). Under Section 4, added subsection c. stating that an individual will not be given affiliate or volunteer status until such individual has successfully completed a Background Verification when required under Policy 7005 (Background Verifications) and under Section 6 – Revocation of Status and Privileges, added language stating that an individual’s affiliate or volunteer status may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the University.

Emeritus Classified and Professional Employees (Policy 7480) – Revised 03/25/21. Policy revised adding language to Section 3.6 – Revocation of Emeritus Status, clarifying the “at-will” nature of such designation.

Institutional Messaging (Policy 8100) – Revised 03/30/21. Policy revised adding a Policy Statement and Section 7 – “Push” Information. This new section will add guardrails around sending mass communications to students and employees. Individuals authorized to send “Push” information under the proposed policy language must have an identifiable, legitimate, organizational interest and relationship to the group of recipients.

New Policies Approved

Maintaining Effective Learning Environments (Policy 3240) – Approved 02/02/21. New policy developed to replace Policy 2050 (Maintaining Instructional Order). This policy was redesigned to better support faculty and students engaging in faculty-led learning environments in ways that support learning outcomes aligned with the mission of the University. This policy acknowledges that not all learning is orderly but that if a student’s behavior rises to the level of disruptive behavior as described under Section 3.2 of the policy, then the instructor may remove the student from the learning environment.

Recruitment and Hiring (Policy 7630) – Approved 03/29/21. New policy developed outlining the University’s recruitment and hiring process for Classified and Professional employees. There are no changes or new requirements to the recruitment and hiring process resulting from this policy. The policy codifies existing processes to ensure consistency and compliance throughout the University.