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Affiliates, Affiliate Faculty, and Volunteers (Policy 7035)

University Policy 7035

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Effective Date

July 1979

Last Revision Date

March 26, 2021

Responsible Party

Human Resources and Workforce Strategy, (208) 426-1616

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all Affiliates, Affiliate Faculty, Volunteers, and University units.

Additional Authority

  • University Policy 7000 (Position Definitions)
  • University Policy 7005 (Background Verifications)
  • University Policy 9080 (Access Control)
  • University Policy 12060 (Protection of Minors)

1. Policy Purpose

To establish guidelines for requesting University privileges for Affiliates, Affiliate Faculty, or Volunteers, and to describe the nature and status of such individuals.

2. Policy Statement

Boise State University is committed to enhancing the education of its students through the expertise and contributions of its Affiliates, Affiliate Faculty, and Volunteers.

3. Definitions

3.1 Affiliate

An individual associated with and contributing to the University’s mission in a non-instructional capacity as a board or advisory committee member, VIP, contractor, volunteer, legislator, or employee of an agency under the auspices of the Idaho State Board of Education and who is not a current University employee or student.

3.2 Affiliate Faculty

An individual who does not have direct teaching responsibilities for University students and who is not receiving monetary compensation from the University but who provides instruction in programs through classroom, on-line, clinical, or laboratory experiences.

3.3 Volunteer

An individual not employed or compensated by the University who voluntarily and willingly performs a service for or on behalf of the University.

4. Responsibilities

a. A department or unit seeking to offer an individual an Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, or Volunteer status with associated University privileges must complete a Request for Approval of Volunteer or Affiliate Status and Services Form.

b. The appropriate dean or vice president will approve or disapprove the request. Approved requests will be sent to Human Resources for processing and assignment of University privileges.

c. Departments or units utilizing a volunteer must also complete an Authorized Volunteer Services Agreement. If the volunteer is a minor, a parent or guardian must sign the agreement. Signed agreements must be kept on file in the department or unit.

d. Any individual whose Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, or Volunteer status requires a background verification under University Policy 7005 (Background Verifications) will not be granted such status or University privileges until the individual has successfully completed the background verification process.

5. Privileges

An Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, or Volunteer may be granted University privileges such as library access, a Boise State ID Card, access to appropriate University systems, access to Campus Recreation, an email account, parking, or temporary University housing.

5.1 Annual Renewal of Privileges

Any University privileges such as those listed in Section 5 must be renewed annually. To renew an individual’s Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, or Volunteer status and University privileges, the department or unit must submit a new Request for Approval of Volunteer or Affiliate Status and Services form to the appropriate dean or vice president for approval.

6. Revocation of Status and Privileges

At the sole discretion of the University, any status and/or University privileges afforded an Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, or Volunteer may be revoked at any time. Without limiting such discretion, revocation may occur, among other things, when it is determined that the Affiliate, Affiliate Faculty, or Volunteer’s conduct, before or after receiving the status and/or University privileges, conflicts with the intent and spirit of the designation, is disruptive to the University’s mission, and/or causes harm to the University’s reputation.

7. Forms

Authorized Volunteer Service Agreement
Authorized Volunteer Services Agreement

Request for Approval of Volunteer or Affiliate Status Form

Revision History

April 2016; March 26, 2021

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