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Emeritus Classified and Professional Employees (Policy 7480)

University Policy 7480

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Effective Date

July 1984

Last Revision Date

June 25, 2021

Responsible Party

Human Resources and Workforce Strategy, (208) 426-1616

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all Classified and Professional Employees.

1. Policy Purpose

To establish the policy and procedures governing the designation of Emeritus Status for Classified and Professional Employees.

2. Policy Statement

Emeritus status honors Boise State University Classified and Professional Employee retirees for their dedicated service and significant impact to the institution.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Eligibility

Emeritus status is accorded to a Classified or Professional Employee who meets the following criteria:

  • Worked at the Boise State University for at least ten (10) years in a regular Classified or Professional Employee position.
  • Is in good standing and separating/separated from the University; and
  • Made contributions that favorably affected the University.

3.2 Application and Approval Process

a. An employee who believes they meet the requirements for Emeritus status may submit an Application for Emeritus Status Form to Human Resources for validation of years of service and documented performance evaluations.

b. Upon validation, Human Resources will send the information to the submitting employee’s Dean, Vice President, or President (responsible for the individual’s last department at the time the individual applies).

c. The Dean, Vice President, or President will consult with members of the department or unit for recommendations and confirmation that the employee has made contributions which have favorably affected the University as a whole.

d. Upon approval from the appropriate Dean, Vice President, or President, the submission will be returned to Human Resources for processing, and all required notifications will then be sent to the employee, relevant departments, and the Emeriti Guild.

e. All Classified and Professional employee applications must be received by June 30 (or next University business day) to be recognized at the annual employee recognition luncheon.

3.3 Privileges and Benefits

  • A photo identification card reflecting their Emeritus Status;
  • Use of the Library and other University facilities;
  • Administrative support and office/lab space, if approved and made available by the recommending department;
  • Use the employee’s last department’s letterhead (electronically delivered)for approved University-related correspondence;
  • Privileges pertaining to payment of fees for courses in which they are or their spouse may wish to enroll;
  • A parking permit, as per Transportation and Parking Services’ Emeriti Permit policy;
  • A Boise State email address. Emeritus must provide their own internet service provider;
  • Eligibility for membership in the Emeriti Guild; and
  • Privileges approved by the department that may include: representing the University at ceremonies, serving on committees, and listing in catalogs or in other locations.

3.4 Rehires

If a Classified or Professional Employee with Emeritus Status is rehired by Boise State University, all Emeritus privileges not in conflict with the rehired employment position remain.

3.5 Responsibilities and Conditions

a. An Emeritus may not use University resources to (i) campaign or advocate for personal or political interests, or (ii) conduct for-profit business activities.

b. An Emeritus may only have access to confidential student, personnel, or other official records to the extent required and authorized within the scope of an approved service activity.

c. An Emeritus may neither (i) purport to represent the University in any matter, nor (ii) bind the University to any commitment or obligation, contractual or otherwise.

d. An Emeritus may only exercise their privileges in accordance with current University policies.

3.6 Revocation of Emeritus Status

a. This section is intended to confirm the existing “at will” nature of emeritus status and applies to all individuals who currently hold emeritus status.

b. At the sole discretion of the University, emeritus status may be revoked at any time. Without limiting such discretion, revocation may occur, among other things, when it is determined that the individual’s conduct, before or after receiving the Emeritus designation, conflicts with the intent and spirit of the designation, is disruptive to the University’s mission, and/or causes harm to the University’s reputation.

c. The Dean, Vice President, or President (or designee) is authorized to make the decision to revoke emeritus status and will inform the affected individual.

d. An appeal of this decision may be made in writing to the President who will make the final decision on the appeal. The appeal must be made within ten (10) University business days after receiving notification of the revocation.

5. Forms

Application for Emeritus Status Form

Revision History

July 1998; December 2008; March 2018; November 03, 2020; March 05, 2021; June 25, 2021

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