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Adjunct Faculty (Policy 4220)

University Policy 4220

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Effective Date

July 1978

Last Revision Date

November 2013

Responsible Party

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, (208) 426-1202
Human Resources, (208) 426-1616

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all Deans, Department Chairs and Adjunct Faculty.

Additional Authority

University Policy 7000 (Position Definitions)

1. Policy Purpose

To define the terms of employment, rights and privileges for adjunct faculty.

2. Policy Statement

Adjunct Faculty provide essential services to Boise State University and its students. This policy aims to ensure their employment is uniform and compliant with state and federal laws.

3. Definitions

3.1 ‘Academic Terms’ or ‘Semesters’

Includes fall (August through December), spring (late December through mid-May) and summer (mid-May through August). Courses may be delivered for the full length of a semester or within one of several compressed sessions within each semester.

3.2 Action Date

The earlier of the date the most recent employment record was created in PeopleSoft or the effective date of the current appointment.

3.3 Adjunct Faculty

Part-time, non-benefit-eligible, temporary faculty positions; these individuals are appointed to teach one or more courses or workshops for one academic term, and not to exceed five consecutive months per appointment.

3.4 Facility Access

The ability to obtain access to university facilities as defined by University Facilities Procedures.

3.5 IT Systems

Electronic mail and calendaring systems, the university’s learning management system, and myBoiseState for employees and faculty.

3.6 Library Systems

Electronic resource access as managed by the Library.

4. Responsibilities and Procedures

4.1 General

a. Effective June 1, 2014, Adjunct Faculty are limited to working less than 75 percent of a full-time employment workload, on average in any semester. If Adjunct Faculty have other part-time, non-benefit-eligible employment within Boise State, the combination of their Adjunct Faculty duties and their other employment must average less than 75 percent of full-time employment.

b.  Effective summer 2014, Adjunct Faculty may not teach more than 11 credits per semester, including summer.

c.  Adjunct Faculty whose primary employment is with Boise State in a benefit-eligible appointment are not subject to the restrictions outlined above in Section 4.1.

4.2 Appointment and Supervision

a. The appointment of Adjunct Faculty must be approved, first, by the appropriate academic department chair and then reviewed by HRS to ensure:

(i.) The Adjunct Faculty member is in good university standing, and

(ii.) The teaching assignment will not put the Adjunct Faculty member at or over 75% full-time in aggregate for the semester, as outlined above.

b. Letters of Appointment (LOA)

(i.) The terms of employment for an Adjunct Faculty member are detailed in a LOA. LOAs must be completed, including approvals, and sent to both HRS and the Adjunct Faculty member.

(ii.) Adjunct Faculty shall (a) provide the department with a curriculum vitae outlining academic credentials and (b) disclose all university appointments in which they work to the hiring department prior to accepting any appointment.

(iii.) HRS will process the LOA and ensure the Adjunct Faculty member meets the requirements for part-time employment.

(iv.) The Adjunct Faculty member must review and sign the LOA and return the original to the initiating department.

(v.) Upon appointment, the curriculum vitae shall be maintained in the department file and made available to members of the Boise State community upon request.

(vi.) The LOA covers one semester and termination at the end of the semester is automatic. Adjunct Faculty are employed “at will” and may be released without cause.

c. The specific responsibility for the administration and supervision of persons holding Adjunct Faculty positions shall reside with the chair of a department or unit, or in special cases, with the dean of a college. These responsibilities include:

(i.) The initial request for such position and preparation of the appointment document, which shall delineate the title, responsibilities, salary, academic credentials and conditions of the appointment;

(ii.) The review and approval of all course syllabi; and

(iii.) Supervisory roles such as performance evaluations, consistent with University Policy #4290, and evaluation of contract compliance and the recommendation to renew any such appointment.

(iv.) General oversight for the administration and interpretation of regulations resides with the Provost.

4.3 Responsibilities

Adjunct Faculty are responsible for compliance with the terms, conditions, and duties specified in the LOA. Failure to perform any of the specified duties and responsibilities may cause:

a. The appointment to be terminated by the university, and

b. Further payment to be denied until the services have been rendered.

4.4 Rights and Privileges

Adjunct Faculty receive the right of academic freedom and the following rights and privileges during the period of time of the appointment.

a. A photo identification card showing the faculty/staff status shall be issued.

b. Such classroom facilities, laboratory facilities, equipment, Library, Academic Technologies, and IT services necessary to accomplish the specified duties will be provided. This includes:

(i.) Access to information and library systems, and access to facilities based on the action date for their hire record in PeopleSoft.

(ii.) Access to IT systems and eligibility for facilities access may continue until the close of the tenth day, in the third academic term following the latest term in which they have taught, or October 31st of the calendar year following the latest calendar year in which they have taught, whichever is later.

(iii.) Access to IT systems can be terminated at the request of the hiring department chair, college Dean, or Provost if the Adjunct Faculty member is dismissed or suspended prior to the end of the appointment term.

c. Adjunct Faculty may march in the academic processions by making arrangements through the dean of their college.

d. Compensation: Salary to be paid to Adjunct Faculty shall be stated on the appointment document and agreed to by the persons signing that document.

e. Non-Benefit Eligible – Adjunct Faculty are not benefit-eligible and do not earn sick leave. However, in the event of unforeseen personal illness or injury lasting one week or more, part-time Adjunct Faculty who have been employed by Boise State for at least one full academic semester are eligible for limited continuation of regular salary. With medical certification of the injury or illness from a health care provider (without diagnostic details) and approval by the department chairperson, continuation of regular salary may be provided for a period not to exceed two weeks in any semester.  Multiple absences may be approved, up to the combined two-week maximum. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify their immediate supervisor without delay to arrange for class coverage.

5. Related Information

University Policy 4290 (Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation)

Revision History

July 1995; November 2013